We know how valuable agriculture and food are because we come from a family of third-generation farmers. We understand the needs, interests, and concerns of farmers who grow agricultural products and companies that market these products.

About us

Farmolog started by listening to agricultural pioneers and new farmers in its operations. Increasing the value of their products, having a more profitable season, and easily accessing the market were some of the biggest problems faced by farmers. We worked to solve these problems and make small and medium-scale farming sustainable.
Food supply companies did not have a complete overview of what was happening on the farmer’s fields, from production to delivery, after making contracts with farmers for quantities that met the company’s sales targets. We work for safe and high-quality food supply, traceability, and transparency.
We work with data to provide the opportunity for product design planning, give suggestions on which product can be produced with high efficiency in which region, and provide increased efficiency against changing production scenarios every production year.




Keeping detailed records is a very important issue when making plans and making important decisions for agricultural operations. Regularly keeping records also brings many conveniences. Records such as fertilizer and pesticide use, harvest and yield records, planting/sowing records, and Global G.A.P. compliance records simplify the monitoring of operations and prevent losses in business resources.
Being able to see the entire history of the product from planting to harvest plays a big role in traceability, quality and safe food production. With the “Green Deal” to be implemented in our country, production methods will rapidly change. By analyzing the residue of food products exported, it may be concluded that some substances must not be used at any stage of production.

Harvest and Yield Records:
It is important to make conscious decisions in the management of crops to be produced in future seasons and to make comparisons between years. Let us not forget; if we cannot measure, we cannot control, and if we cannot control, we cannot manage.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Use Records:
Records of chemical input usage for food and farmers are important. Keeping records of pesticide dates, chemicals used, and intervals before harvest can prevent potential residues in food products. Chemical use reports, which are mandatory in many countries, are also expected to become mandatory in our country. These records are considered both as a financial and a safety component.

The Story of Farmolog



The name "Farmolog" comes from the words "Farm", "Log", and "Logos". Farmolog are individuals who specialize in keeping farm records.



During a production season, we went to the field and did farming to learn about crop production, new-generation farmers and contract farming.



We implemented what we learned from the field and stakeholder analysis, as well as our own hands-on experience in farming. With our young and dynamic team, we are working to deliver services that exceed expectations for our partners.



To be a technological partner that works to increase the traceability of agricultural fields and to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural stakeholders.

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